Unleash the potential of Gallium Nitride to revolutionise the electronics industry

Deliver multi-functional porous GaN with material properties and functionalities tailored to high impact device applications

It's nice to see red - Native Red

New approach for GaN-based RGB micro-LED displays

- Porotech launches groundbreaking micro-LED product

We provide versatile technology for optoelectronics and electronics

Porotech was founded by leading Gallium Nitride (GaN) scientists from Cambridge University. Our global team of innovators, scientists and industry experts believe new technology platforms can change the semiconductor industry and the future digital world.

Want to revolutionise the semiconductor industry?

Porotech is growing fast and looking for world-class talents. We value curiosity, competitiveness and integrity.

- Process Operator Cambridge UK

- Business Development Manager Cambridge UK

- Semiconductor Device & Applications Engineer Cambridge UK