Meet our team

Dr. Tongtong Zhu

CEO & Founder

Tongtong has a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University and a diverse background of physics, electronics, engineering and materials science, and many years’ experience in the field of III-nitride semiconductor materials and devices since 2008. With expertise in materials deposition techniques, and multidisciplinary skills in the development of material science and device applications across a range of fields, he has developed numerous new materials and structure production processes whilst progressing the general community understanding of the science of materials growth.

Prof. Rachel Oliver

CSO & Co-Founder

Rachel is a Professor in Materials Science at the Department of Materials Science, University of Cambridge. She is also the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride (GaN). She has led several EPSRC and ERC grants including large international collaborations and industry-funded projects. She is a member of the UKNC management committee and the Internal Strategy Committee of the National III-V Centre.

Dr. Yingjun Liu

CTO & Co-Founder

Yingjun was trained as a physical chemist and mechanical engineer, with a PhD in Materials Science. He has more than 15 years experience on advanced materials development projects with world leading materials companies, emerging SMEs and top research institutes. His career started from OLED, and during the time in Cambridge organised technology transfer projects on scale-up processes to industrial partners. He has been involved in development of high throughput inspection and fabrication methodology throughout his career.

Dr. Muhammad Ali

VP Product Development

Muhammad holds a PhD degree in Optoelectronics. He brings with him more than 10 years of work experience on III-nitride compound semiconductor materials. Having worked in several multi-national organisations, he has gained an extensive expertise in gallium nitride chip technology for optoelectronics devices.

Previously as a development engineer at Osram Optosemiconductor in Germany, Muhammad was working on chip design & development, reliability and yield related issues for visible lasers and light emitting diodes.

Ehud Leshem

Process Manager

Ehud brings to the company a deep understanding of a variety of the semiconductors’ processes and complex technologies. Previously he worked at Tower semiconductors for six years and has work experience on Si compound materials, new processes’ development, production scaling up through managing team of engineers. He holds a BSc in Materials Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Matt Nicholson

Process Engineer

Matt has a MSc in Nanoscience to Nanotechnology from Swansea University, Wales. Through academia, he gained research experience of top-down and bottom-up nanoscale fabrication and characterisation. Before joining Porotech, he worked at Intel in Ireland as a Process Engineer, where he developed a deep understanding of semiconductor processes.